The Proceedings of the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium held in Honolulu, Hawaii, from 19th -24th June, 2016, have been published in digital format and are available for download as individual sections and papers from this page (see below).

The Society wishes to express its gratitude to the sponsors who made the conference possible.

The Society also wishes to acknowledge the work of members who participated in the work of the various conference committees and in particular express its gratitude to the Conference Convenor and chair of the executive committee, Dr. Robert Richmond.



Note that although traditionally the plenary talks papers were included in the Proceedings, these have now been recorded in video format and are available to view on line at the ISRS Vimeo Group Page.

Also the abstracts of all the presentations (414 pages) can be downloaded from the ISRS membership services conference site.

Individual papers may be referenced as in the following example: Lunz KS, Shea C, Ames KW, Neely K, Goergen E, Williams D, Gilliam DS, Whittle A (2016) Acropora palmata’s last stand in Florida? Proceedings of the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium, Honolulu: 2-22

All contributions have been subject to the normal editorial processes, including refereeing. Note that a few of the manuscripts have been revised since first published on the site, the most recent revisions being accepted on 20th January 2017.

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Dedication Paul Jokiel



SESSION 6: K.S. Lunz, C. Shea, K.W. Ames, K. Neely, E. Goergen, D. Williams, D.S. Gilliam, A. Whittle (2016) Acropora palmata’s last stand in Florida? 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 2 - 22

SESSION 7 (Overview): D. Huang, J.D. Reimer, M. Timmers, P.F. Cowman, J. Hodge (2016) Biodiversity. Biogeography and evolution of coral reef organisms, 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 24-26

SESSION 8: R.T. Etti, T. Schils (2016) Global biogeography of marine algae with applications for coral reef connectivity. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 28 - 47

SESSION 11: I. Yuyama, T. Higuchi, T. Mezaki (2016 – Session 11) Symbiodinium kawagutii (clade F) coats the surface of Acropora solitaryensis, resulting in the formation of a sheet-like crust. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 49 - 56

SESSION 12: G. Banc-Prandi, K. Imhof, E. Hall, K.B. Ritchie (2016) Interspecific coral bacterial competition under ocean acidification scenarios. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 58 - 70

SESSION 13-1: L. K. Deignan, J. R. Pawlik (2016) Demographics of the Caribbean brown tube sponge Agelas tubulata on Conch Reef, Florida Keys, and a description of Agelas Wasting Syndrome (WS). 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 72 - 84

SESSION 13-2: K. D. Raj, G S. Aeby, G. Mathews, M. S. Bharath, S. Rajesh, R.L. Laju, A.
Arasamuthu, P. D. Kumar, J. K. Patterson Edward (2016) Patterns in the abundance of fish and snail corallivores associated with an outbreak of acute tissue loss disease on the reefs of Vaan Island in the Gulf of Mannar, India. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 85 - 99

SESSION 15: F. Elmer, J.S. Rogers, R.B. Dunbar, S.G. Monismith, J.J. Bell, J.P.A. Gardner (2016) Influence of localised currents, benthic community cover and composition on coral recruitment: integrating field-based observations and physical oceanographic modelling. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 101- 142

SESSION 16: P. Kegler, H.F. Kegler, A. Kunzmann, A. Gärdes, Y.R. Alfiansah, M. Lukman,
C. Hassenrück, S.C.A. Ferse  (2016) Different levels of anthropogenic impact influence coral larvae settlement and bacterial biofilm communities in the Spermonde Archipelago, Indonesia. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 145 - 157

SESSION 20: M. Hixon, G. Jones, D. Feary (2016) Reef fish ecology, conservation, and fisheries: the scientific legacy of Glenn Almany. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 159 - 168

SESSION 21: B.L. Kojis, W.J. Tobias (2016) Survey of boat-based recreational fishers in the US Virgin Islands. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 170 - 183

SESSION 25-1: W. Eder, J. Hohenegger, A.I. Torres-Silva, Antonino Briguglio (2016) Morphometry of the larger foraminifer Heterostegina explaining environmental dependence, evolution and paleogeographic diversification. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 185-196

SESSION 25-2: G.R. Narayan, H. Westphal (2016) Are Zanzibar’s reefs undergoing ecological change? Foraminifera bio-indicators for monitoring and assessment of reef ecosystems in the west Indian Ocean. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 197-205

SESSION 25-3: J.Wöger, A. Briguglio, W. Eder, S. Kinoshita, J. Hohenegger (2016) First results of a long-term cultivation experiment of different species of Nummulitidae (Foraminifera) from the island of Sesoko (Okinawa, Japan). 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 206-217

SESSION 30: K.L Kramer, S. P. Cotton, M. R. Lamson, W. J. Walsh (2016) Bleaching and catastrophic mortality of reef-building corals along west Hawai‘i island: findings and future directions. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 219-230

SESSION 34: G. Bufarale, M. O'Leary, L.B. Collins, A. Stevens, M. Kordi, T. Solihuddin (2016) Geomorphology and Holocene Evolution of Kimberley Coral Reefs. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 233 - 243

SESSION 36-1: L.M. Oliver, D.L. Santavy, P. Bradley (2016) Developing a multi-stressor gradient model for coral reefs of Puerto Rico. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 245 - 257

SESSION 36-2: Y.D. Louis, S.D. Dyall, R. Bhagooli (2016) Coast-reef scale physiological responses of Acropora muricata harboring Symbiodinium clade A. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 258 - 277

SESSION 36-3: D. Kaullysing, A. Gopeechund, S. Mattan-Moorgawa, N. Taleb-Hossenkhan, B. Kulkarni, R. Bhagooli (2016) Increased density of the corallivore Drupella cornus on Acropora muricata colonies overgrown by Padina boryana. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 278 - 294

SESSION 42A-1: Andrew M. Ross (2016) The efficacy of nursery head-starting in the culture and restoration of Acropora cervicornis. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 296 - 314

SESSION 42A-2: S. Griffin, T. Moore, M. Nemeth, A.C.R. Gleason, B. Gintert (2016) Using photomosaics to monitor Acropora cervicornis thickets created by outplanting nursery-grown corals. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 315 - 328

SESSION 42B-1: R. ter Hofstede, C. Finney, A. Miller, M. van Koningsveld, T. Smolders (2016) Monitoring and evaluation of coral transplantation to mitigate the impact of dredging works. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 330 - 341

SESSION 42B-2: Lisa Carne, Les Kaufman, Karina Scavo (2016) Measuring success for Caribbean acroporid restoration: key results from ten years of work in southern Belize. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 342 - 358

SESSION 42B-3: M. Omori, Y. Higa, C. Shinzato, Y. Zayasu, T. Nagata, R. Nakamura, A. Yokokura, S. Janadou (2016) Development of active restoration methodologies for coral reefs using asexual reproduction in Okinawa, Japan. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 359 - 377

SESSION 50-1: Caroline Lai, Claus Pedersen (2016) Agent based modelling as a tool to manage dredging impact on coral spawning. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 380 - 393

SESSION 50-2: M. Jenne, M.M. Dalkilic, C. C. Johnson (2016) Employing software engineering principles to enhance analysis of coral reef databases. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 394 - 403

SESSION 51: A. Collin, J. Laporte, B. Koetz, F.-R. Martin-Lauzer, Y.-L. Desnos (2016) Mapping bathymetry, habitat, and potential bleaching of coral reefs using Sentinel-2. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 406 - 420

SESSION 66: H. Nawata (2016) Indigenous beliefs and divine conceptions of Red Sea black coral: a case study of the traditional fishery, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 422 - 439

SESSION 72-1: T. Yeemin, W. Suebpala, M. Sutthacheep (2016) Efforts of small-scale fishers in coral reef conservation: Thailand case illustrations. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 441 - 453

SESSION 72-2: M. Sutthacheep, C. Ruangthong, T. Yeemin, W. Samsuvan, S. Pengsakun, C. Chamchoy (2016) Coral reef conservation and management in a Ramsar site in the Gulf of Thailand. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 454 - 463

SESSION 72-3: S. Pengsakun, T. Yeemin, W. Klinthong, K. Sangmanee, M. Sutthacheep, S. Hamanee, B. Lawang (2016) Managing recreational diving in temporary closures following the 2010 coral bleaching event in the Andaman Sea. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 464 - 474

SESSION 72-4: J. Putthayakool, P. Plangngan, T. Yeemin, W. Klinthong, M. Sutthacheep (2016) Long-term changes and restoration measures of soft corals (Dendronephthya spp.) at Mu Ko Similan National Park, the Andaman Sea. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 475 - 482

SESSION 72-5: M. Thummasan, T. Yeemin, W. Samsuvan, K. Sangmanee, J. Putthayakool, M. Sutthacheep, P. Yeemin (2016 – Session 72) Population density of crown of thorns starfish in dive sites of Thailand. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 483 - 492

SESSION 72-6: C. Chamchoy, T. Yeemin, M. Sutthacheep, W. Klinthong, R. Niamsiri (2016) Contrasting abundance of juvenile corals at two national parks in the Andaman Sea. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 493 - 504

SESSION 72-7: V.S. Tuan, N.V. Long (2016) Comparative study on coral reef related fishery resources at the areas of Vietnam representative for the western South China Sea and eastern Gulf of Thailand. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 505 - 514

SESSION 73A-1: J.C. Hendee, J. Halas, P.J. Fletcher, M. Jankulak, L.J. Gramer (2016) Expansion of the Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS) network throughout the Caribbean. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 516 - 521

SESSION 73A-2: R.E. Schroeder, V.A. Brown, G.W. Davis, M.J. Lameier, S.C. McKagan, F. Sauafea-Leau (2016) A decade of successful partnerships through NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program Fishery Liaisons in the US Pacific Islands Region. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 523 - 536

SESSION 73B-1: Jamila Patterson, Dan Wilhelmsson, J.K. Patterson Edward (2016 – Session 73B) Co-management to address livelihood linked threats to coral reefs - case study from Gulf of Mannar, southeastern India. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 538 - 546

SESSION 75: D.L. Santavy, P. Bradley, J. Gerritsen, L. Oliver (2016) The biological condition gradient, a tool used for describing the condition of US coral reef ecosystems. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 548 - 559

SESSION 80: A.H. Yeung, D.M. Baker (2016) A turnaround at Sanya National Coral Reef Nature Reserve? 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 561 - 580

SESSION 82: J.C. Sicoli Seoane, J.C. Araújo, B.S. Britto Pereira, F.C. Duarte, I.F. Caçonia Fortes (2016) Santa Cruz Cabrália reefs, Bahia Brazil: using digital tools and printed media to raise conservation awareness in K-12 education. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 582-589

SESSION 88-1 (Overview): Karsten Shein, Jennifer Loder, David G. Bourne, Nohora Galvis (2016) Citizen science: the next big leap, ICRS Town Hall Meeting. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 591 - 598

SESSION 88-2: Miranda Camp, Karsten Shein , J. Anthony Abbott, Kristi Foster (2016 – Session 88) Can anyone be a scientist? Exploring the role of citizen science in coral reef research. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 599 - 605

SESSION 88-3: Nohora H. Galvis and Rosa H. Galvis (2016) Colombian Citizen Science to Improve Coral Reef Conservation - 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 606 - 619

WORKSHOP (Overview): Dana Okano, Rob Ferguson, Lisa Vandiver, Adrienne Lorezel (2016) Workshop on the science and management of water quality on coral reefs – overview. 13th ICRS, Honolulu: 620 – 623