Awards & Grants

Awards and Honors

The Society awards a series of honors and prizes to recognize the achievements of its members.  The principal honors are:

  • The Darwin Medal: this is the Society’s premier honor, awarded once every 4 years to an eminent late-career scientist. For details of this award click here.
  • An Eminence in Research Award: up to two are awarded per year to an established scientist in recognition of an outstanding body of research over an extended period of time. The award is seen as being second in status to the Darwin award.
  • A Mid-Career Scientist Award: one awarded each year in recognition of excellence in research during the preceding approximately 10 years by a mid-career scientist.
  • An Early-Career / Young Scientist Award: one awarded each year to a scientist under the age of 35, in recognition of a publication or series of publications.
  • A World Reef Award: one awarded per year in recognition of scientific or conservation achievement by an individual who is a member of a group (for example a nationality) under-represented in the field of reef science or management.

For further details of these other above awards click here.

The society also recognizes two levels of special membership:

  • ISRS Fellow: the status of ISRS Fellow may be awarded to up to 15% of members in recognition of scientific achievement and / or service to reef conservation or management and / or service to ISRS over a significant period of time.
  • Honorary Membership: the status of honorary member is awarded for life to an eminent person who has benefited either the world's reefs or the society; this status may be held by a maximum of 10 individuals at any one time.

For further details of these levels of membership click here.

In addition the society offers the following prize annually:

  • A Best Paper Award: awarded once per year to the authors of the scientific paper considered by the editors to be the best published in Coral Reefs during the course of a calendar year. For further details click here.


Student Awards and Grants

ISRS also offers several grants and prizes available to student members of the society.

  • Six (6) Graduate Fellowships are available annually to registered post-graduate research students to assist in the costs of undertaking fieldwork or visiting laboratories.
  • Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster Awards are made to student members at each International Coral Reef Symposium and may also be made at Regional Coral Reef Conferences recognized by ISRS.

For further details of these student awards and grants please click here.