Briefing Papers & Statements

ISRS brief

ISRS members represent a unique source of substantial expertise and information about coral reefs, many facets of which relate to issues that bear on a much wider community. Examples are consequences of bleaching, impacts of fishing, roles of marine protected areas, and fossil carbon in ancient reefs. Managers (industry, government, NGOs etc) are typically making difficult decisions in relation to these issues on the basis of slender information. Good judgment and objectivity and quality of information are badly needed, and in its subject area, the ISRS is in the strongest position internationally to furnish it. Consequently, the ISRS has developed a Briefing Papers (BP) series on key issues and to communicate in a way that general lay-people can understand and use. In this way the ISRS has broadened its reputation as a source of good judgments on complex and awkward topics.

ISRS members are welcome to propose further issues for Briefing Papers. Proposed items should be emailed to Rupert Ormond.

ISRS Briefing Paper 1 - Marine Protected Areas
ISRS Briefing Paper 3 - Water Quality
ISRS Briefing Paper 4 - Fisheries
ISRS Briefing Paper 5 - Coral Reefs and Ocean Acidification

ISRS Briefing Paper 6 - Coral Reefs of the South China Sea - A Need for Action

ISRS Statement 1 - Diseases on Coral Reefs
ISRS Statement 2 - Coral Bleaching in 1997-98

ISRS Statement 3 - ISRS Consensus Statement on Climate Change and Coral Bleaching ENGLISH

ISRS Statement 3 (Spanish) - ISRS Consensus Statement on Coral Bleaching & Climate Change (SPANISH)

ISRS Statement 3 (French) - D├ęclaration consensuelle de l'ISRS (FRENCH)